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    Welcome to MICE

    M.I.C.E. (Multi-sensory Intervention through Consultation and Education ) is a statewide program providing educational and developmental services to sensory impaired infants, ages birth to three years. The purpose of this program is to identify infants at risk for, or diagnosed with, a vision or hearing loss and to provide early intervention services. Blindness and deafness do not occur as frequently as other disabilities.  Therefore, M.I.C.E. Program services are specifically designed to assist families and community agency personnel in learning how to care for and work with the unique abilities and needs of each child with vision and hearing loss.

    The MICE Program provides services to over 200 infants and their families per year in all parts of New Hampshire.  Services are provided at the child’s home or daycare and frequency of services vary depending on need and severity of the vision or hearing loss. This service is funded through a grant from Health and Human Services-Division of Developmental Services and is part of the statewide Early Supports and Services system.  We work extensively with local Early Supports and Services staff to provide the expertise regarding the needs of infants and toddlers with vision or hearing loss.

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    The mission of the M.I.C.E. Program is to provide quality services to support the educational and developmental needs of infants and toddlers with vision or hearing loss. Our goal is to promote the highest degree of functional sensory efficiency possible within the context of the child’s overall development and family functioning.


    Each child receives an assessment of their abilities, strengths and needs. Specific information is gathered regarding the implication of the sensory impairment on the child’s overall development, learning and communication.


    Direct educational services are provided at the child’s home, daycare setting, and/or early supports and services program.

    Parent Support:

    Support and information are provided to the parents regarding their child’s specific sensory impairment. Assistance is given in selecting activities to enhance the child’s learning, communication, and use of compensatory skills.

    Community Support:

    Information, technical assistance, inservice training, and ongoing consultation are provided to local community agencies and professionals regarding vision or hearing loss and its effect on the child’s development or communication. Support is given in using specialize teaching techniques to promote the development of vision or hearing for the infant with sensory loss.

    Services for visually impaired

    The MICE Program provides services to approximately 140 infants and toddlers per year with vision impairments. Services include at home instruction, consultation to Early Support and Services staff, and support for daycare in addressing the learning needs of children with visual impairments. Specialize equipment is available for loan to families as needed. The frequency of services is based on the needs identified in the Individual Family Support Plan through the local Early Supports and Services Program. Go to vision impairment page.

    Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    The MICE Program provides services to approximately xx babies with hearing loss per year on a statewide basis. Go to deaf and hard of hearing page.


    The E.A.R.S. program is a new part of the New Hampshire Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. The E.A.R.S. Family Advocate assists families whose children refer on newborn hearing screenings with the diagnostic testing process and with referral to Early Supports and Services, if needed. Link to E.A.R.S. page.

    Parent and/or professionals involved with a child having a sensory impairment may contact the M.I.C.E. Program for more information. Each child in need of M.I.C.E. Program services should be referred through their regional Area Agency for entry and eligibility determination prior to services. Currently, there is no charge for services through this program. The M.I.C.E. Program is funded through a grant from Health and Human Services- Division of Developmental Services, federal monies, private foundations, and personal donations.
    Eligibility for M.I.C.E. Program services is determined by the Part C evaluation process needed for all children requiring early supports and services. Infants and young children, birth to age three, who are diagnosed or at risk for a vision and /or hearing loss are usually considered eligible for services due to an established condition.


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